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Business Cards
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Business Cards provide contact information in a convenient, standardized size. Most business cards are relatively the same but the font, style, stock, and imagery set you apart and make your impression unique.  They can also be used to promote specials, direct clients to a website or even invite people to your next event. We offer a variety of cardstocks, coatings and laminations to create the best solution for your image


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AQ Gloss

AQ is an abbreviation for Aqueous Coating. It is a semi-gloss applied to your job during the printing process, environmentally friendly, water-based coating applied to both sides of you printed product. It adds additional gloss and protection, and you are able to write on it with ballpoint pens.


UV High Gloss

UV is an abbreviation for Ultraviolet Coating. It is a high gloss clear liquid; spread over the paper like ink and then cured instantly with an ultraviolet light.  It is not an ideal solution for products you will need to write on.


Matte Art w/ Spot Gloss

Matte Art with spot gloss is a very unique, high quality and desirable option for your printed product.  It is often used in higher quality business cards, invitations, pocket folders and packaging to name a few.  Many people associate the texture to having a suede like feel to it.  Unlike traditional matte lamination, colours are better preserved and since it is not a plastic, you don’t need to worry about cracking or peeling.  The spot gloss can add a contrasting effect when the artwork is designed well to support it.

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